‚ÄčThere's No Taste Like Om.

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OM Champagne Tea is probiotic, non-alcoholic, petillant cultured tea.

Our tea is micro-brewed in small batches, and blended to achieve a texturally smooth, balanced kombucha.  We purify our water to pharmaceutical grade, so you taste pure kombucha and nothing else.

Currently we offer the following flavors: Classic, Ginger Turmeric, Mango Red Shiso, Grapefruit Matcha, and Tres Limon.  

Our premium flavors are Chaga and SuperBlue, featuring blue Turmeric, grown by our good friend, Dean Pinner of Pinner Creek Organics in Hilo, HI. 

Dean is 5th generation farmer, cultivating the most delicious and potent turmerics anywhere.  His Hawaiian Red is the only turmeric we use, and his recent introduction of the Blue Turmeric in late winter of 2020 was especially timely.  Blue Turmeric possesses healing properties for the respiratory system.

Our black teas are an organic blend of Assam Banapasty and Ceylon OPI.  The black teas make for a more robust, fuller bodied kombucha.  The green tea is bio-dynamically and organically grown in Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Linda Smith of Divinitea sources and blends our teas.